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Photographers Who Love LightRocket

  • David Longstreath
    Former AP Chief Photographer

    "In two years of using other online photo services I haven't sold a single image...and along comes LightRocket and in the first month I got contacted by National Geographic!"

  • Richard Ellis
    Former Senior VP Getty Images

    "So far I can say that your back office side for handling pictures is one of the best thought out systems I have experienced."

  • Jonas Gratzer
    Freelance Photojournalist

    "Wow. After you sent out my story I had lots of photo editors contact me and made three sales. I guess that will pay for my LightRocket subscription for the next decade or so!"

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  • John Greim
    Stock Photographer

  • John Lander
    Travel Photographer

  • Wolfgang Kaehler
    Wildlife & Travel Photographer

  • Probal Rashid

  • Claude Renault
    Travel Photographer

  • Jorge Fernández

  • John Vink
    Magnum Photographer

  • Thierry Falise
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