Delivering Files to Your Clients Directly From Your Website

The ethos behind all LightRocket functionality is what we sometimes jokingly call ‘simplexification’ – which means trying to simplify complex processes.

The bottom line is we want you to be able to build a beautiful website as quickly and as simply as possible.

That way, you’re left with more time for taking photos and creating visual art.

We recently added a new ‘client area’ panel to the website builder.

The client area allows you to share password protected picture selections (in the form of galleries) from a dedicated ‘Client Area’ page on your personal website. It’s a great way of delivering work to specific clients directly from your website, while keeping the work private and secure. It also creates opportunities for clients to browse other areas of your website and discover more of your work.

As soon as you’ve added your first password protected gallery to the client area, a new page called Client Area’ will automatically appear among the menu options on your website.

If a user clicks on the Client Area page they’ll be asked to enter a password while being able to see the teaser images of your password-protected client galleries displayed in the background.

It’s as easy as pie to use. Check out this short video tutorial to see how it works:

– The LightRocket Team

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