Send Files Using LightRocket

The ability to share files directly from your archive with anyone, anywhere is a flagship LightRocket feature our users love.

You’ll need to dig a little to find it. The ‘Send via link’ feature is discreetly nestled amidst the ‘actions’ drop down, which shows up in your file manager panel when you select a file (see video tutorial below).

The idea is simple. Pick a bunch of files you want to share, decide who you’re going to send them to (by adding an email), personalize your message, tweak a few parameters (adjust file resolution, set an expiry date, limit download access if you like) and hit send.

Your contact will get a personalized message and a link to a page displaying the pictures you shared. If you granted download access (you can only give viewing access if you like), your contact can then select files and upon entering their email will be able to download their selection.

We love this feature because of its simplicity. No need for your contacts to register and no need for you to make any of your files searchable. It’s easy, secure and private.

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