Top 20 Most Photographed Locations in the World

Since Apple, Samsung, and Huawei collectively refused our request to send us data on the number of photos their users took everywhere they went in the world…unsurprisingly…we’ve collated data surrounding the world’s most visited cities as a measure of determing where the most photographs are taken each year.

We’ve built this list under the presumption that travelling to a destination implies taking photographs, so naturally we would expect that the most visited locations also happen to be the most photographed. There is really no definitive way to effectively measure this statistic otherwise…that we know of, so we’ve done our best with what we have and know.

20. Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Image of Mecca in Saudi Arabia

19. Taipei, Taiwan

Image of Taipei in Taiwan

18. Pattaya, Thailand

Image of Pattaya in Thailand

17. Tokyo, Japan

16. Rome, Italy

Photo in Rome, Italy

15. Phuket, Thailand

Photo of island in Phuket, Thailand

14. Mumbai, India

Picture of Mumbai in India

13. Shezhen, China

Picture of Shenzhen, China

12. Antalaya, Turkey

11. Delhi, India

Photo from New Delhi, India

10. Istanbul, Turkey

Image of Istanbul, in Turkey

9. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Image of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

8. New York City, United States

Image of Manhattan, in New York City

7. Dubai, UAE

6. Paris, France

Image of Paris, in France

5. Singapore

Image of Singapore

4. Macau, Macau

Photo of Macau, China

3. London, United Kingdom

Photo of London and Big Ben, UK

2. Bangkok, Thailand

Photo of Bangkok, Thailand

1. Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Photo of Hong Kong

Written by Leighton Emmons

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