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The story behind our success

We believe in using technology and software to create eloquent solutions to the challenges faced by professionals within our industry.

But it’s not just about software, we’re also a media company – our sister company runs an online platform providing tools for photographers and visual artists. Thousands of photographers create websites using our system and we store over half a million files. The realities of digital asset management are our ‘daily bread’.

We know what it’s like to manage contributors in different parts of the world. We know what it means to index a major archive of digital assets so that users can quickly find the files they are looking for. And we know how important it is for clients to be able to download files exactly when they need them, while retaining sufficient oversight for usage to be accounted for and audited.

We have fed this experience into the LightRocket Media Manager system, a process that has culminated in a product we firmly believe offers the most intuitive and comprehensive solution to the challenge of digital asset management for your organization.

Don’t take our word for it, get started now by asking us for a custom-branded demo site so you can discover LightRocket Media Manager’s features in the comfort of your own brand.

Get started swiftly and easily by importing a demo of your choice with a single click. We have over 30 high quality, professionally designed pre-built website concepts for you to choose from.