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Everything your organization needs.

Save time and money

Find files easily

Caring expert support

Secure storage and distribution

Control and customization

Infinite scalability

Save time and money

All your digital assets in one place. An intuitive browser-based interface makes archive management easy and efficient. 

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Powerful archive system

A powerful and intuitive archive management system, designed by media professionals and global archive managers.

Intuitive tools

Convenient tools for batch editing file information. Add, replace and remove keywords to/from batches of files. Speedy, safe and flexible.

Drag and drop functionality

Drag and drop simplicity for uploading and moving files between folders and galleries.

Any file type accepted

Manage any digital file type, including photos, videos, audio files, PDFs and much more.   


Multilingual architecture ensures users from around the globe can feel comfortable using your platform in their own language.  

Consent forms

Consent form management. Create and quickly retrieve consent forms with linked files. 

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Find files easily

Find tagged images in a flash. Advanced search filters include the ability to search by filename, within caption, by location, by file and license type, between dates and much more.

Lots of search options

Multiple advanced search options ensure can always find the files you’re looking for.  

Professional thesarus keywording

A 40,000-term keyword thesaurus makes tagging files fast and comprehensive. Add and manage your own thesauri.

GPS tagging

GPS location info automatically displayed in file information.

Visibility meters and meta-data checks

At-a-glance file status icons. A unique visibility meter prompts users to complete key file info fields.  

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Caring expert support

Great service is just as important as great software. Our expert team will be at your side every step of the way – ready to offer advice and to learn from your feedback.

Personalized service and consultancy

Personalized expert advice to help you create efficient workflows, so you get the most from your platform. 

Regular upgrades and improvements

Ongoing upgrades are an integral part of our support package. User feedback is continually transformed into new features.    

Support when you need it

The assurance that you are always just a call or an email away from caring support and advice. 

Resources and tutorials

Lots of helpful video tutorials and FAQs are part of a dedicated online support platform for all users.  

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Secure storage and distribution

Rest easy in the knowledge that your archive is securely backed up. Show and share files only with those you authorize. All files are watermarked and all downloads tracked.

Secure AWS integration

Integrated secure storage using Amazon Web Services (AWS), the world’s most powerful, and most secure, cloud storage service.  

Set permissions

Set configurable access levels for single files or batches, ensuring your files can only be viewed and/or downloaded by those with appropriate permissions.  

Track all downloads

Always know how downloaded files are used and by whom. Record download history and send customized usage reminders.  

Share files securely

Securely share files with external users via private links. Create and share lightboxes and enjoy customizable social media options.  

Copyright embedded

Copyright info and metadata is embedded in all downloaded files, and thumbnails are right-click protected.  

Toggle privacy filters

Your platform can be as private or as open as you like. For complete privacy, opt for a password protected gateway page. 

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Control and customization

Comprehensive controls allow system admins to designate roles, create groups, set access levels, define degrees of privacy and set expiry dates for permissions.

Delegate work efficiently

Delegate editing and publishing powers so you can manage contributors and content in different locations and time zones.  

Incorporate your branding

Add your own homepage design and branding for your site. Select from a myriad of system preferences.  

Dashboard overview

Easy-to-read dashboard overview of system status and access to key site stats. So you know exactly how your platform is performing 

Control who downloads what

Grant viewing and download permissions based on access levels. Set expiry dates for rights.  

Create and manage groups

Create named user groups for contributors and important contacts. Use these for sending files to targeted recipients or creating teams of contributors.  

Make LightRocket yours

Fine tune your platform using LightRocket’s many system preferences. Set alerts, define configs and more.

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Scalability and analytics

Detailed analytics and the freedom of an infinitely scalable platform. Unlimited storage, users and admins. The sky’s the limit.

Unlimited users and admins

Enjoy the freedom of an unlimited user base. 

Unlimited files and storage

Small or large, LightRocket scales to meet your needs. Manage and pay for storage directly. You choose. 

Performance analytics

Easy-to-read site traffic and performance snapshots give you valuable insights that can drive strategy. 

One step ahead

A platform that is always expanding and improving in terms of scope and functionality, ensuring you are never behind the curve.  

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