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Digital Asset Management Systems

With analytics and scalability

The LightRocket Media Manager digital asset management systems is built to last. It’s built for evolution and scalability.

No limits

Unlike many of our competitors, we’ve removed the kinds of barriers and thresholds that can make expansion difficult and expensive.

If you’ve got a few thousand files to manage or a few hundred thousand, or more, LightRocket has a worry-free solution for you.

Our licenses include options for unlimited storage, unlimited users, and unlimited system administrators, which means you won’t have to worry about exceeding arbitrary limits that trigger additional costs. 

Flexible pricing too

The beauty of LightRocket is that it works just the same, no matter how large, or small, your organization or your archives.

Our personalized and flexible approach to fee structures also means we can nearly always find a price point that is scaled to your budget.

Our team perfectly understands the need to balance budgetary constraints against the perceived value and returns from digital asset management systems.

LightRocket grows with you

One of the beauties of LightRocket is that it never stands still. Our licenses include a commitment to ongoing upgrades, which ensure your digital asset management systems will grow and evolve to keep pace with changing technologies and your changing needs.

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