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File Management

Finding Files Easily

Efficient file management and accurate file retrieval lie at the heart of good digital asset management.

Powerful and accurate search

There is perhaps no better measure of a well managed archive than the power and accuracy of its search functionality.

Using world class search engine technology, LightRocket Media Manager allows for simple natural language searches that include stemming and automatically recognizing ‘noise’ words.

LightRocket also offers an array of advanced search options. Users can search specifically within cpations, by file type, by oritentation, by location and much more.

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Professional tagging tools 

Comprehensive tagging (or keywording as it’s sometimes known as) enables accurate file retrieval.

The LightRocket platform features a fully editable thesaurus tool that makes tagging quick and comprehensive.

Users can browse a hierarchial database of over 40,000 terms, adding multiple tags to files with a single click.

The thesaurus tool also allows you to build your own database of terms or simply plug in an existing thesaurus, if you have one.

Metadata and visibility 

File information (or metadata) makes files findable, or ‘visible’, in your archive.

The LightRocket system guides users to complete essential file information like description, tags, copyright/credit information, location, and date.

As fields are completed, our unique ‘visibility meter’ provides an intuitive indicator of progress. The more metadata is completed, the more ‘visible’ a file becomes.

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