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LightRocket Media Manager has been built for easy intuitive use, making light of the otherwise challenging task of digital asset management. But there will be times when you need help or just some advice.

Our comprehensive support policy is designed to give you the confidence that help is always at hand. And to ensure you always get the most from our system, we offer standard upgrades and enhancements as an integral part of our support packages.

Our license fee includes 12 months of support and startup online tuition. Using LightRocket Media Manager’s built-in online help system you will find many answers to your questions are just a click away. But if you do need to ask a question or discuss an issue with a member of our team, we’ll always be happy to help.

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How does the LightRocket support service work?

We are committed to ensuring you get the most from your LightRocket Media Manager platform. Once your system is installed and validated, it should run smoothly. But from time to time gremlins can emerge, especially when the system is updated. Similarly there will be times when you need some advice or support from our team. 

You can also get more from a tool like LightRocket Media Manager by defining a strategy that matches your organisation’s unique requirements. Our support team can help you draw up that strategy, providing advice on custom work flows and helping imagine the best ways your LightRocket system can work for you.

An annual support and upgrades service costs just US$ 2,400. 

Our support team is available online or by phone during normal office hours and often beyond. We’ll try and get back to you right away but our service pledge is to ensure you have a first level response within 24 hours. 

Can I customise my system?

The quick answer is absolutely yes. Just let us know your requirements and we’ll quote for the time and resources needed. 

However, LightRocket is actually being customized all the time. New ideas, often from our clients, are regularly transformed into additional features and functionality.

These standard upgrades are included in your annual support and upgrades package.

It’s a platform that just keeps getting better. 

Migrating data/files from an existing system...

If you already have DAM system, we’ll need to migrate your existing data to your new LightRocket Media Manager platform.

Don’t worry, our team has plenty of experience migrating data from legacy systems.

The complexity of data migration can vary significantly. If you need data to be migrated from a legacy system, please let us know so we can evaluate your existing setup.

Does LightRocket provide hosting services?

The beauty of our hosting policy is that you are free decide on the best solution in terms of security and budget. You can host on your premises or elsewhere. And you can pay for it directly if you like.   

Our preferred service provider is Amazon Web Services (AWS), with assets stored on Amazon’s S3 storage solution. We have found the combination of flexibility, performance and reliability to be excellent.

According to Amazon their S3 service “is designed for 99.999999999% (11 9’s) of data durability because it automatically creates and stores copies of all S3 objects across multiple systems. This means your data is available when needed and protected against failures, errors, and threats.”

What languages are available?

The LightRocket Media Manager system is pre-configured for use as a multilingual interface. By default the system is delivered with an English/French interface. 

It’s possible to add more languages. Just let us know the language you wish to add and we’ll provide you with a delivery date and a quote for your selected language. Note, however, that the system is not configured for languages that  read from right to left. 

Just how public are my archives?

The default configuration of the LightRocket Media Manager platform features a front and back end.

The back end is only accessible to registered contributors and admins. The front end is usually an open online space where members of the public may browse files that have been ‘published’ and for which access has not been restricted.

It’s important to note that for all files published to the front end of your system though they may be visible, NONE will be downloadable without the user being logged in and/or having appropriate permissions. 

However, it is possible to restrict access to even the front end of your platform by creating a gateway landing page where visitors would be required to either register or log in before proceeding to your site. 

How can I restrict access to certain files?

Admins can restrict access to selected files.

Select the file(s), choose the ‘set access’ option in the drop down list that appears under ‘actions’. In the pop-up choose the level of access you wish to set.

This means that only registered users with corresponding access permissions will be able to view or view/download (depending on permissions granted) the file(s) for which access has been set. 

Click here to view a video tutorial on this topic

Admins can grant access rights in the in the user management area. 

By default we offer two levels of access – ‘internal’ and ‘confidential’ – but these can be renamed and you can add additional filters if you wish. 

What types of file can I upload and manage?

LightRocket Media Manager has been designed to accept and preview pretty much any file type. This includes photos, videos, audio files and many other file types such as PowerPoint files, Word documents, PDFs etc.

Indeed the number of file types we support – including all the various video codecs – are too numerous to list here. Feel free to contact us if you wish to verify the compatibility of a particular file type.

Can I track downloads?

LightRocket Media Manager is great for tracking downloads. Accessible to admins the ‘Download’ Follow Up’ provides an overview of who downloaded which file(s) and when.

Admins are also able to record if and how a file was used. The usage history of each file is then available for review enabling admins to gain a better understanding of how files are used, as well as preventing duplicate uses.

Can anyone download files from my LightRocket DAM system?

Your files are always protected. Thumbnails are right click protected and all previews have watermarks embedded. 

Only those to whom you grant permission can download hi-res files from your platform. 

What does 'publishing' a file on LightRocket mean?

If you are an administrator on the LightRocket system, you will notice a prominent ‘publish’ button placed in various locations on the archive management page. 

Publishing selected files means they will become searchable – and therefore visible – on the front end of your site. 

But publishing a file doesn’t mean it has to be ‘public’. You can use restrict access to any file(s) to only those you authorise. 

Do I have to pay any monthly or annual fees?

The beauty of LightRocket Media Manager is that it’s a one time license purchase. Once you’ve got your license, you’ve got it forever. 

Your valid license includes a support and upgrades package for just US$ 2400 a year which entitles you to ongoing support and standard upgrades.

Support includes expert consultancy on ideal workflows and best practices. While continuous upgrades means your platform will always be improving.  

Can I edit file info for batches of files?

Yes, editing file information in batches is easy and fast. 

Browse to your archive and select multiple files. The file information (file info) fields are displayed on the right of the screen. 

You can write new file information to multiple files, edit existing data (where the data is identical for all files) or ‘add’ file information to files that already have information. You can even selectively remove keywords from batches of files too. 

Click here to see a video tutorial explaining how to edit file information. 

How many users can register on the system?

There’s no limit to the number of contributors (users who upload files into the system) or clients (users who will be downloading from the system) who can register on the system.

When you purchase a LightRocket Media License, the system is yours to work with and it’s ready to grow to meet your demands. We don’t set limits because we want you to get the maximum value from our platform.

What's the LightRocket visibility meter for?

LightRocket’s unique visibility meter indicates how easy a file will be to find in your archive. ‘Visibility’ is determined by how many recommended ‘file info’ fields are complete. 

The more recommended fields you complete, the better your visibility indicator will be. LightRocket recommends at least 5 file info fields be completed namely: captions, keywords, country/location, date, credit/copyright.

Is there a size limit on the files that can be uploaded?

Theoretically, there is no limit on the size of file you can upload to your LightRocket Media Manager platform.

As a rule of thumb we would recommend your hi-res files be not less than 3000 pixels on the longest edge. Files of this size will be perfectly usable for publishing in various formats. 

But of course LightRocket isn’t limited to photos. You can upload almost any digital file you can think of – and if we don’t already handle a format, we’ll simply add it. 

You can choose between LightRocket’s built in drag and drop uploader or you can use FTP too.  

Is file info embedded in downloaded files?

When a user downloads a file from your platform, any existing file information will automatically be embedded in the downloaded file. 

By embedding file info/metadata into downloaded files, LightRocket Media Manager is also ensuring your files always contain your copyright information. 

Can I install LightRocket Media Manager on a local/internal server?

You can install LightRocket Media Manager on any Linux server, either locally (internally) or externally with a commercial hosting service.

If you install LightRocket Media Manager on a local machine, you’ll need to ensure our technicians have secure remote access so we can setup, maintain and update your system.

How many files can I upload?

As many as you like. In principle we don’t set a limit on the number of files you can store or the amount of data you can manage using LightRocket Media Manager. It’s all down to storage. The more storage you purchase the more data and files you can manage. 

Do I need to install any software to use LightRocket Media Manager?

LightRocket Media Manager is a browser based application which means it will run on pretty much any modern internet browser (Chrome, FireFox, Safari and IE).

So if you can browse the internet on your computer you can use LightRocket Media Manager with no need to download and install any additional software. This also means the system will run happily on Macs and PCs too. 

Of course the system itself has to be installed on a server somewhere but we’ll do that bit for you and ensure your archive is protected, within reason, from hackers. LightRocket Media Manager runs on a Linux platform. 

Are pictures watermarked?

Yes they are. All previews on your LightRocket Media Manager system have embedded watermarks.

You can have your own branded watermarks displayed on every preview. Thumbnails are not watermarked but are right-click protected against unauthorised downloads.