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Flexibility helps us to understand each and every of your needs - what they are today and what will be tomorrow. By anticipating your needs we were able to become leaders in their field, and now we can offer you the best products and services. That's why we offer solutions are always optimal - they allow you to be one step ahead, and constantly improve.

We started our activities in 1993.
Our specialization - to trade photographic and video equipment and their accessories (from-professional digital SLR cameras to picture frames).
We represent Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Panasonic, Sony, Lexar Media, Tamrac, Velbon, Vanguard, Peak Design, Mitsubishi Electric and other famous companies.
We have more than 50 partners and over 200 permanent customers in Lithuania and abroad.
Our Advantages: Highest qualification, professional advice from a specialist and the biggest assortment range.



We are also offering a wide range of photo and video equipment. We accept orders by phone, email, fax, and online store.

- We are consulting for free, applying discounts, providing information about delivery dates.

- Do not be afraid to ask! Our sales consultants work for you!



Only by being flexible we managed to become a leader in its field and now we can offer you the best products and services. Flexibility helps us to understand what are your needs are today, and predict what they will be tomorrow. That is why we are competitive and constantly evolving.

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