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Over the years Karl has photographed for global drinks companies such as Grants Whisky and Heineken, so he knows exactly what’s expected when it comes to professional advertising images.

In this series of classes he generously shares his knowledge so that you too can master the art of capturing perfect drinks and beverage photography.

He shares many pro tips for shooting bottle photography that will help you overcome challenges such as lighting and photographing glass, achieving the perfect condensation, and even enhancing colour in liquids such as whisky, wine, or cider.

This section covers how to photograph a selection of high-end advertising shots for different types of liquids, including beer and wine, covering several bottle shapes, colours, sizes and lighting moods.

With everything from equipment recommendations to lighting setups covered, these classes also include one particularly important lighting technique that few other courses cover: gradient lighting. In each of these tutorials, you'll learn why and how to use gradient lighting and see how this method can help elevate your images and really add that professional touch.

Additionally to this, Karl covers more specialised lighting and post-production techniques typically used when photographing bottles such as rim lighting techniques, using coloured gels and how to retouch bottle images using Photoshop.

So whether you want to keep it simple with a two-light setup or challenge yourself with a five-light setup we have the shoot for you to progress your product photography.

If you would like to watch more classes on how to shoot more creative editorial-style liquid shots, we also have a number of classes in our food photography section.

What You'll Learn

How to photograph drinks/beverages Wine bottle photography Lens choice for bottle photography Bottle photography ideas Tips & tricks for photographing bottles How to make bottles look cold How to photograph glass

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