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Learn to take mouth-watering culinary photographs by exploring food styling, lighting, and perspective, and give them a signature look with editing techniques

When you know how to focus your lens, you can make any dish look even more delicious than it already is. In this online course, food photography stylist and producer Jimena Agois teaches you to create mouth-watering gastro images. Throughout your journey, learn to take photos of food with an organic and elegant look. Discover all the secrets to food styling and find your own style while also learning to master different lighting techniques. Get ready to create exquisite photographs!


To take this course, you need to know how to use a reflex or DSLR camera in manual mode. It would also be helpful to be familiar with an image-editing software such as Lightroom or Capture One.

What You'll Learn

Meet your teacher for the course, Jimena Agois. She tells you about her career in the world of photography and shares some of her biggest influences. Then discover how to work with natural light and optimize your final results. Jimena talks about the difference between hard and soft light before teaching you to master different techniques using scattering and reflection. Also learn to use artificial light, a single as well as a double-light setup, and see some tricks for getting the fill light to add shine and volume to the dishes. Next, it's time to study the basics of composition. Take a look at the different aspects to consider when photographing to achieve the feeling you're looking for, from the rule of thirds to depth of field. Work with some of the most-used angles in food photography and immerse yourself in food styling. Now it's time to put everything you've learned into practice with your own photoshoot. Create a mood board and arrange your dish so it looks as appetizing as possible, before taking photos from three different angles. To bring the course to a close, Jimena teaches you to edit your images by adjusting light and contrast and sharing some final tips on how to export them.

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