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In this class, students quickly develop the skills to pose individuals, small and large groups. Moreover, this class teaches you to understand the posing requirements for a particular visual message. The family portrait, high school senior shot are all very different from a fashion shoot. Choose a specific pose due to determining the type of image you wish to create and what is appropriate. Students learn how to evaluate anatomical structures, image purpose lighting conditions, and the chosen appropriate poses. Students leave with new knowledge and confidence for selecting and creating stunning posed situations. Using what you’ve learned, your photos will start making sense, pleasing to the eye, and flattering for your subjects. In group photos, you will now start seeing the relationships and positions of each other.


DSLR Camera and 1 or more zoom lenses
One or more portable flash units recommended
Have taken “Digital Photography for Beginners” or equivalent

What You'll Learn

Building rapport with your subjects; Formal single person pose with gender and age differentiation; Casual single person pose with gender and age differentiation; Group poses; Creative pose movements for specific portrait goals

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