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Learn to capture striking images of food in both indirect and direct sunlight by exploring composition, lighting, and editing techniques
“One of the most important elements of a successful food image is how the light and its mood touches us.”

Photographer Adrian Mueller specializes in taking mouth-watering food and beverage images for clients including McDonald’s, and Kellogg’s, often using natural light to tell authentic stories through his work.

In this online course, he teaches you how to create stunning images of food using daylight. Explore the fundamentals of food photography, as well as techniques for composition, lighting, editing, to produce professional-looking photographs of your favorite dishes. Let the beauty and simplicity of daylight inspire you to capture something special.


No previous experience is necessary.
In terms of equipment, you will need a camera or smartphone, light shaping tools, and some food to photograph. A tripod and access to Photoshop would also be beneficial, along with a few other materials specified by Adrian in the course.

What You'll Learn

Begin the course by getting to know food and beverage photographer Adrian Mueller. Learn about the creative career that has led him to work with global brands, along with the influences that inspire him and the work he creates. Explore the fundamentals of food photography, from camera functions to lens choice. Then look at the elements you need to consider when composing your shot: the rule of thirds, negative space, image orientation, and minding your edges. Understand the different qualities and colors of natural light before creating a mood board and some initial sketches. Look at the tools and materials needed for the course, and discover food styling tips for professional-looking photos. Time to take your photos! Begin by setting up your composition keeping natural light in mind, and explore different camera angles for various types of food. Capture your first photo with indirect light, and your second in direct sunlight. Experiment with light, shadows, and more to enhance your images in Photoshop. To wrap up the course, Adrian shares his advice for posting your work on social media and building a website for your portfolio.

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