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Learn to make the most of sunlight to create portraits with your reflex camera

Every day, new artifacts and technologies that take digital photography a step further, from revolutionary cameras to magical improvements in editing software appear on the market. But, one of the most important elements remains the same over the years: the sun.

In this course you will learn to take advantage of the sunlight in your photographs by Zony Maya, Mexican photographer and teacher of the course Lighting with hand-held flash for beginners , who will teach you how to create great photos with very few resources.


You will need a reflex camera and know how to use it in manual mode, as well as a series of materials that you can find in any stationery.

What You'll Learn

You will begin to know Zony Maya and her most outstanding works. It will also share its main influences within the world of photography with natural light. You will make a brief theoretical review of what continuous light is and how white light breaks down into the seven colors of the rainbow. You will learn about the color temperature and how to identify the different sources of light and the color they emit, depending on the time of day. Also, you will know what is the white balance and how to control it manually from the settings of your camera, to always achieve a pure white, without color trends. Zony will explain to you the seven ways to illuminate with sunlight: frontal light, side light or guillotine, trimming light, backlight, Rembrandt light, overhead light and contrapuntal light. In addition, you will see what is hard light and diffuse light, to then know the differences and know when to use one or the other. Next, you will learn to use the rebounds, diffusers and flags, and then create them yourself with materials that you will find in any stationery. You will control the contrast in your photos with the use of these tools. Zony will talk about the 360º rule and how to apply it always in your portrait photographs. Also, it will explain the details of the window light, its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages when taking photographs. Finally, you will do an exercise in which you will learn to transform the most complicated natural lighting, the midday, to your favor.

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