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A more cost effective way to improve your photography
You can do more to improve your photos using Lightroom than you can from any camera or lens upgrade. You can improve the sharpness, color, texture of your photos to an incredible degree. You just have to know what you are doing.

So before you rush out and spend thousands of dollars in your quest for better pictures, take the time improve your pictures using Lightroom.With most things, you have a trade off between simplicity and power. Not so with Lightroom.

It is easy to use – for the most part you just dragging sliders up and down. But at the same time this is what the vast majority of professional photographers are using.

Jim Hamel will show you how to unleash that power – but also keep it simple.

What You'll Learn

We’ll cover every aspect of Lightroom in this course. First, I will show you the tools Lightroom has for organizing your photos. Lightroom excels in this area, and you’ll never spend time hunting for photos again. Next, I’ll then walk you through the powerful tools for editing your photos. This is where you’ll learn to transform your photos from ordinary to something special. After you learn how to use all the tools Lightroom has to offer, I’ll show you actual start to finish examples. That way you’ll see exactly how you can use these tools on your own pictures. Finally, I will introduce you to the things you can do with your photos when you are done, whether that be a print, digital display, or a book or slideshow.

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    4 hours and 17 minutes
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