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Capture dramatic outdoor imagery! Learn essentials for anticipating scenes, shooting people in action, reacting to conditions and making the most of your camera.
Are you inspired by the dynamic beauty of our world? Then conquer this set of fundamental outdoor photography techniques, and shoot it all in compelling fashion! Join me and begin by learning the digital settings you need for success and how to best handle your camera in the field with my online video course, Outdoor Photography Essentials.

What You'll Learn

In this course, I’ll share steps to anticipate scenes before they unfold, as well as how to adjust for the right approach in changing light conditions. Want to go beyond just the landscape and capture the magic of the whole scene? You’ll also discover the best ways to shoot people in action, so you can capture the power of adventuring in nature. Plus, I’ll lay out compositional strategies that will help you frame your subject and secondary elements in the most impactful way. We’ll also focus on handling your camera in the field. I’ll teach you to capture handheld shots from multiple perspectives, keeping your camera stable and secure the entire time. Then, I’ll share pointers for proper exposure, so you can get fantastic results from scenes with high dynamic range. I’ll also walk you through the process of choosing the right lens, and give you tips to make the most of wide–angle, normal and telephoto lenses. That way you’ll always know what you need for a savvy selection. All the while, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of selective focus, depth of field, framing and composition, even with difficult action scenes.

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