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Learn professional techniques for creative retouching with Photoshop

Silvia Grav - named by Flickr as one of the 20 best photographers in the world under the age of 20 and currently working for brands such as HBO, Lexus or Samsung - will teach you each of the processes and photographic postproduction techniques that she has discovered by investigating what throughout his career. These are basic processes of retouching that, combined, give rise to very interesting results, like dreams. You will learn to replicate some of the iconic resources of Silvia's photographs such as the sharp contrasts between lights and shadows, the use of smoke in scenes or to combine elements of nature with portraits, always achieving a truly suggestive effect.


It is advisable to have some basic basic knowledge of Photoshop.

What You'll Learn

You will start knowing the work and the influences of Silvia Grav in terms of postproduction and digital retouching. Then Silvia will make you reflect on the decision making that occurs before facing any project. In this case, Silvia's work is more intuitive than reflective and, thanks to this process of self-analysis, you will define what kind of photographer you are. Once you have the image, Silvia will teach you to add textures of different types: some to homogenize and others to give a new meaning to the photo. Next, it will be time to discover Silvia's favorite Photoshop resources such as layer masks and brush washing. Thanks to these effects you can play, for example, with large white spots that leave your voice without a look or your characters. You will also learn to mold with brushes twisting shapes, to "paint the light", mix textures or add and remove elements gaining narrative expressiveness based on building or destroying the original image. Finally, you will learn to mix real image with drawing techniques giving wings to your imagination and getting to break down the barriers between the true and the invented.

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