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Learn photographic techniques and the creative process to express people's essence in a portrait

In a portrait, the most complex part is not the technical part of a photo shoot but rather to bring to light the essence of the portrayed, capturing it with naturalness and authenticity. Photographer Catalina Kulczar looks through people, is inspired by knowing them and forms her identity as an artist capturing the essence of people and expressing it in her photographs. In this course Catalina will transmit you in detail all her creative process to portray a person. From pre-production and all the necessary steps before the session, until the moment in which he makes the portrait (teach the person how to pose, how to speak to him, how to connect ...). Finally, you will know its postproduction process and final edition of the photographs.


You will need knowledge of photography and operation of a digital camera in manual mode, and the relationship between light, aperture, shutter speed and ISO.

It is recommended to know how to photograph directly connected to a computer ( tethered ), although it is not necessary, since it simplifies the work process when working on portraits and, in this way, both the portrait and the makeup artist , as the customer can see the images immediately.

What You'll Learn

Catalina will tell you a little about her and how she became a photographer. She will tell you what inspires her and show you what her referents are. Then, it will give you a brief summary of what you will see throughout the course. You will start preparing the session and for this it will be essential to understand who you are going to portray. Catalina will give you the keys to finish understanding more the person you are going to photograph. Then you must make an inspiration board to get more customer: photos of their surroundings, costumes, data ... The teacher will tell you about the differences between portraying someone in a studio where you can have control of everything or a location. You will see and prepare the necessary photographic equipment for your session. Let's do it! You will prepare the set with the lights, camera, laptop, photographic equipment and environment of the place so that everyone is comfortable. You will learn tricks to make the model look, stand and relax, using a specific technique used by the teacher. You will also see how to make it warm, so that people are completely honest, intimate and carefree. You will familiarize yourself with the three points of view to create a variety of portraits. Then, you will make a session of the person removing all objects from the set, assembling the portrait and giving importance to a single element. Finally, you will make the final selection of the portraits using Lightroom. You will discover what you should consider when making the decision and, once chosen, you will see how to adjust the style that defines your photographs. After the photo editing, you will prepare the photos for web format and print format for magazine.

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