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Learning the process of high-quality portrait retouching is something that almost every photographer who deals with people wants to learn. It can be difficult to learn some of the most common skill and techniques out there because there are so many different ways of accomplishing one edit, especially when working in Photoshop. This is why we have created the Essential Portrait Retouching Course.

This course covers some of the most popular techniques that most beginning portrait photographers and editors want to learn. In this course, we will show you how you can achieve those high-end edits that you see in ads and publications while using the most simple tools that Photoshop has to offer. We will also cover how you can do some of the most basic portrait retouchings in Adobe Lightroom as well so you can choose which software works the best for your specific situation.

What You'll Learn

Red Skin and Blemish Removal Removing a Model From a Background Dodging and Burning Changing Hair and Eye Color Portrait Retouching in Adobe Lightroom

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    2 hours
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