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Learn how to use photography to delve into your thoughts and feelings

Our most reliable source of creative inspiration comes from within. So when a photographer becomes the subject, a more challenging, introspective form of expression takes place. Self-portrait artist Laura Zalenga claims to have learned everything she knows about photography through this artform. What began as a way to experiment with different techniques and explore her emotions quickly became a full time career for Laura, with clients like Adobe, Disney, and Sony relying on her expertise to communicate a visual message.

In this course, Laura Zalenga takes you on an intimate journey of self-discovery and experimentation through the art of self-portrait photography. See how to develop a strong concept, find unique outdoor locations, and use natural light creatively. She shows you her process, from the initial idea to final editing techniques in Lightroom and Photoshop, by creating a self-portrait that tells a captivating story.


To take this course, you will need basic photography skills, such as knowing how to use ISO, shutter-speed, and aperture. Basic editing skills in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom are not required but will be helpful. All you need is your curiosity, and a willingness to express yourself.

As for materials, you need either a digital camera or a phone with a camera, a computer with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, a tripod is ideal but not essential.

What You'll Learn

Begin the course by getting to know Laura and her journey towards becoming a renowned portrait artist. She also explains how self-portraiture acts as a type of therapy for her, helping her heal and accept herself. Learn about the history of self-portraits, some of the artists that Laura admires, and how self-portraits can help improve your photography technique, as well as a means of exploring our inner thoughts. Laura shows you different ways of finding your concept, going through six of her most popular photographs to explain how she found the concept for each. Using Laura’s tips, venture into your neighborhood to find inspiration in unexpected places to express your visual concept. Once you have seen the equipment and camera settings that Laura uses, it’s time to learn about Laura’s self-portrait techniques. Begin practicing different poses and learning what they can express, paying attention to proportions and seeing how your location can influence your pose. Next, get to know different lighting techniques and composition styles to transmit your message through your photos. Next, get started with your photoshoot by setting up your location and doing test photos until you find the right light, angle, and pose to capture your final images. Finally, Laura guides you through her post-production process, showing you how to select the best shots, edit them in Lightroom, and make the final edits in Photoshop.

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