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Yes, its true – We are the first and only contest that judges & awards your submissions in 24 hours. We created the AAPC to give all members and enthusiasts of AFNS AWARD even more opportunities to gain recognition and prestige through further great awards, badges and certificates. Only winners and placed winners of the AFNS AWARD 2017 – 2021 have the possibility to submit pictures to the AAPC. We would like to help these photographers to receive even more appreciation through this extended contest and thereby reward their loyalty over the last 5 years AFNS AWARD.

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The main goal and motivation to join the AAPC are the great prizes from our generous sponsors, the certificates, medals and trophies, publications in our official magazine and the title “AAPC PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR 2023” which will be rewarded with a prize money of €2000.


The AAPC 2023 Competitions start on January 5th, 2023 and end by December 31st, 2023. Only photographers who have already submitted images to the AFNS AWARD and have been awarded at least a WINNER BADGE or higher may participate in the AAPC. Photographers can submit their images daily and will be reviewed and evaluated within 24 hours. There is NO Jugding, Badging, Assigning & Uploading on Weekends. This unique judging process allows participants to quickly evaluate and achieve award goals.

All submissions to the competition must be received by the end of the competition.

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