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The GRAVITY PHOTO CONTEST is a side event of the GRAVITY FESTIVAL, the first urban arts festival serving the planet.

The third edition of the festival will take place on May 13th and 14th 2023 at Yann Arthus Bertrand’s Foundation GoodPlanet in Paris.

This festival will have various aspects but the two main ones are:

1) An artistical component with 10 graffiti artists, recognized at the world level, that will paint live in front of the public 10 artworks on the topic of the protection of environment. Also, visitors will have access to Vincent Munier’s open air exhibition and the VIVANTS exhibition inside the Foundation’s castle.

2) An informative component with round tables, workshops, talks by leading actors of the ecology.

The purpose of the festival is that all contributors contribute to raise awareness of the gravity of the current ecological situation.


Theme for the Gravity Photo Contest:

The topic of the GRAVITY PHOTO CONTEST is “the beauty of nature” in its broadest sense.

The presented photographs can either focus on environment and its protection, the ecological situation but also on the animal or vegetal world, landscapes.

We add an important point, beauty alone does not really make sense, a strong message must be associated with it. Furthermore, the equipment used is of no importance in the eyes of the jury, as is the professional or amateur aspect of the photographer. We simply want to see beautiful and strong pictures of nature.

Competition Details
  • Competition Amount
  • Entrance Fee
Prize Details

The twenty finalist’s photographs will be exhibited at Yann Arthus-Bertrand’s Foundation GoodPlanet in Paris during the length of the festival.

Photographs will be printed on Dibond at 40*60cm. Participants who will be willing to get there pictures back after the festival will be able to do it at no cost. The other ones will be recycled.

The first price will receive the sum of 200 euros, a voucher worth 200 euros at PICTO Online, a book by Stanley Leroux, a book by Jonk.

The second price will receive the sum of 100 euros, a voucher worth 100 euros at PICTO Online, a book by Stanley Leroux, a book by Jonk.

The third price will receive the sum of 50 euros, a voucher worth 500 euros at PICTO Online, a book by Stanley Leroux, a book by Jonk.

All twenty finalists will receive a diploma.


The GRAVITY PHOTO CONTEST is a photographic contest open to professional and non-professional photographers from all around the world. Are excluded only the festival’s organization team and Foundation GoodPlanet’s team.

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