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The New York Photography Awards program honors, recognizes, and promotes outstanding photographers worldwide, who share their vision with the world, through the lenses that portray the beauty of immutable reality, along with the dichotomy of Big Apple’s panorama.

Photography is an art form, with the combination of creative dispositions and underlying afternotes. Therefore, we encourage all photographers, from amateurs to professionals, to express themselves through image, and rekindle sparks of the forgotten past with their everlasting visual arts.

Similar to Pygmalion’s time-transcendent sculptures, your creative vision will be enshrined for millennia to come. This is your era to merge past, present, and future within ephemeral imagery.

Competition Details
  • Competition Amount
  • Entrance Fee
Prize Details

Photographer of the Year (Professional)

Receive the 2023 New York Photography Awards statuette and a $3,000 cash prize

Photographer of the Year (Amateur/Student)

Receive the 2023 New York Photography Awards statuette and a $2,000 cash prize

Category Winners (Professional & Amateur/Students)

$100 cash prize* each
Professional (10 Categories) & Amateur / Student (10 Categories)

Gold & Silver Winners

Printable e-Certificate
Be interviewed and featured on Muse.World, our third-party media partner website
Dedicated winner’s page and social media posts


The New York Photography Awards is open to anyone aged 18 and above residing anywhere in the world. The entries are open to professional, amateur, and student photographers on a global level, where we invite amazing photographers such as yourselves to enter and become a part of the NY family. The competition is open to all forms of photography taken up to 5 years from 2017, from commissioned, published, unpublished, and personal work from professional and photography aficionados.

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