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The mission of the World Nature Photography Awards is to celebrate the world’s best nature photographers, whilst showcasing nature’s beauty to a wider audience, to drive us all to secure a better future for our planet. Winning work is seen by millions of people around the globe.

There are 13 categories within the WNPA, so there’s plenty of opportunity to share your amazing work. From landscape photography, to animals in their habitats, photojournalism and humans’ interaction with nature, the stage is set for you to share your vision of the natural world.

The categories are as follows:

Animals in their habitat
Animal portraits
Behaviour – Amphibians and reptiles
Behaviour – Birds
Behaviour – Invertebrates
Behaviour – Mammals
Plants and fungi
Urban wildlife
Planet Earth’s landscapes and environments
Black and white
Nature art
Nature photojournalism
People and nature

Competition Details
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Prize Details

A gold, silver and bronze winner will be awarded in each category. The highest scoring gold photographer across all categories is awarded the title of World Nature Photographer of the Year and $1000 prize money. No alternative prize is available. WNPA does not hold itself responsible for any bank charges incurred by the prize recipient during the transfer of prize money.


Over 18s only

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