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This grant was conceived in response to the enormous and disproportionate strain COVID-19 has placed on Black, Indigenous, and communities of color. The urgency of telling these stories has been underscored by the global response to police brutality and systematic racism we have seen unfold over the last few weeks," said Brent Lewis and Andrea Wise, co-founders of Diversify Photo. "We believe that stories—especially those reported by those closest to them—have the power to promote greater understanding and accountability for injustice, but access to funding and resources for telling these stories remains more difficult for journalists from underrepresented groups. Together we can ensure this moment in history is documented and reported by those with the greatest authority and capacity to understand these issues.

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Applicants must be freelance photojournalists from anywhere in the world, and applicants are strongly encouraged to apply with a letter of commitment from a news outlet with significant reach.

Applications must be received in English. There is no application fee.

In addition to DPxPC funding, we expect news outlets to contribute to the cost of reporting these stories.

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