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The Biennial's Grant is open for applications one or twice a year, and it is aimed to fund your photography project expenses through 6 months with a monthly stipend.

Our Grants provide funding by means of a monthly stipend during one semester helping worldwide photographers to further their body of work, and advancing in their photography projects, both ongoing and to be completed.

Effectively, in addition to receiving a Grant consisting in a monthly stipend, the recipients of our Grants will profit of an international promotion and exposure, publication of their awarded work in The Biennial Grant's site (an entire page with statement and images). Recipients and shortlisted will be extensively promoted and their work published in the Biennial Grant's site. The aim of our Grants is to help photographers further their career to a higher level.

The Biennial's Grant will be launched starting 2017, and each Grant consists of a total allowance of $3,000 payable in six consecutive monthly stipends of $500 each.

Open to all established and professional professionals, as well as amateurs and students from all countries of the world, the Biennial's Grant accepts projects in any medium, and at any stage of realization: completed to be refined, ongoing, or drafted to be started.

The Grants will be awarded by the curators of the Biennial of Fine Art & Documentary Photography.

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Grant Award Details

US$ 12,000

The Grant is payable is 24 consecutive monthly stipends of US$ 500 each, starting 60 days after the announcement of the recipient.

Recipient and Shortlisted photographers will be invited to be part of the Biennial's Grant Community of Recognized Photographers, exchanging ideas with us and the other members, about the evolution of this Biennial's Grant.

Projects of the Winner, Runner ups and Shortlisted will be featured in FotoNostrum Magazine and exhibited in the exhibition space of FotoNostrum, Mediterranean House of Photography, Barcelona, Spain. Given the current situation with the pandemic, the date of the exhibition is yet to be determined.


Worldwide. Established photographers, professional, amateurs and students. Age requirement: > 15 yo. By students we mean all type of students, of any career, not only arts, and including university and postgraduate students. A professional photographers is defined as anyone who earns more than 50 percent of her or his annual income from photography.