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The Boynes Emerging Artist Award is an online art competition with a reward of cash, marketing and promotion. We accept all 2D artworks such as paintings, drawings, photography, etchings, etc. on any support such as canvas, wood, digital, etc. We also do not have a requirement on the subject of your work, we are looking for what you consider the best work in your portfolio to be. Artwork must have been completed in the last five (5) years and must be the submitting artist’s own original work. Work will be judged based on skill, composition, originality and impact.

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Grant Award Details

$4,000 USD Cash

$250USD in Art Supplies from Blick Art Materials

Published Interview

Social Media Marketing

Digital Marketing

Access to the BEAA Marketing Team [permanent]

Permanent Place on Official Website


The Boynes Emerging Artist Award is open to all living artists regardless of age, country of origin/residence, sex or religion.