A woman of land grabbing victim at Borei Keila who appeals for her own land rights against the construction company and the government during protests.
Evictees camp of Borei Keila. 156 family's live there after the land grab of Borei Keila area.

On the third of January 2012, the government and  Phan Imex construction company commanded that Borei Keila residents original houses be destroyed by shovel car and bulldozer, and those who disobeyed the command got arrested by the military police. 
They were driven into a serious situation that cannot but live in an inhuman huts.

Since then They have fought against the government and Phan Imex construction company for true justice and land rights of their own.

land issue is a serious rising issue in Cambodia in recent years. Lands and houses are forcedly taken from residents for the land development purpose. The truth behind this development, there is a connection between the government and construction company, which provoked corruption, and injustice.

Fight for land rights-Courageous cambodian women-