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Secure File Delivery
Easy, secure and fast file delivery for clients, family and friends. Set download and access limits.
Backup Your Photos
Secure cloud storage for all your media. Your work is stored on Amazon S3, considered the gold standard for cloud backup.
Photos, Videos and More
Upload multiple file types, including jpg, tiff, raw, psd, pdf and many video formats. With no limits on file size.
Manage Your Photos
User friendly media tools make managing picture collections, creating galleries and sharing work easy.
Privacy Filters
Set privacy filters for your private collections and grant access rights only to selected contacts.
Promote Your Talent
Use LightRocket's email and contact management features to promote your latest work.
Photographers Who Love LightRocket
David Longstreath
Former AP Chief Photographer
"In two years of using other online photo services I haven't sold a single image...and along comes LightRocket and in the first month I got contacted by National Geographic!"
Richard Ellis
Former Senior VP Getty Images
"So far I can say that your back office side for handling pictures is one of the best thought out systems I have experienced."
Jonas Gratzer
Freelance Photojournalist
"Wow. After you sent out my story I had lots of photo editors contact me and made three sales. I guess that will pay for my LightRocket subscription for the next decade or so!"
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