5 Reasons to Love Traditional Film Photography

By Yavn Cohen Is film better than digital? No sooner are the words uttered than I can hear the groans at the mere mention of such a cliché debate. Whatever your views are about film…

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Sukrit Srisakulchawla: Travel Photography and the Power of Social Media

At the age of 25, Sukrit has become a renowned photographer in the travel photography space. He’s been working for both commercial clients and his own personal brand developing a powerful…

Andy Barton: An Ever-Evolving Passion for Photography

Andy Barton’s photographic journey started in a most unusual way – with a passion for BMX and an assignment in Ulan Bator, Mongolia. In 2005, at the tender age of 23, Andy had already learned…

Erik McGregor: from Peruvian Landscapes to the New York Protest Scene

Photo Credit: George De Castro Day

Featured Photographer – Taylor Weidman

American photojournalist Taylor Weidman is that rare breed of photographer – indeed of person – who always seeks to go further and deeper in his search for a meaningful story. His work is…

LightRocket Featured Photographer: K M Asad

Asad describes himself as a purist when it comes to photojournalism. Based in the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka, the 36-year-old photographer says he was originally inspired by the work of…
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