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Best Photo Management Software

Secure storage and distribution 

Good digital asset management is about more than just efficient workflow and accurate file retrieval.

Backed up and protected

Recognising the intrinsic value of your digital media archives also means ensuring access is controlled and usage is recorded. All files must be copyright protected and securely backed up.

The LightRocket Media Manager team will help guide you through all the options available. From commercially available secure cloud storage to back-up solutions on local servers.

Whatever your preferences, our support team will help you choose a configuration that meets your requirements, keeps your archives safe is adapted to your budget.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a preferred vendor

While offering all our clients flexible choices and direct payment solutions, LightRocket Media Manager’s preferred service provider is Amazon Web Service’s (AWS) server and storage systems.

Used by major organizations like Nasdaq, Netflix and LinkedIn (to name a few), AWS is considered an industry ‘gold standard’ where security and reliability is concerned.

Additionally, AWS offers impressive performance and infrastructure, optimal server locations, and flexible pricing options.

Your files are always safe

Controlled access is a central pillar when it comes to the best photo management software.

LightRocket Media Manager offers a wide array of tools designed to quickly define access levels and grant rights.

Configurable filters allow administrators to determine who gets to see which files, combined with the ability to set access expiry dates. Different layers of your archive revealed to different user groups, depending entirely on permissions.

As a final guarantee of control, the LightRocket system records all downloads along with the ability to send customized usage reminders. Usage history is recorded per file, ensuring you can build an understanding of how your archives are used, while avoiding duplicate usage.

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