Privacy Policy

At LightRocket we respect the sanctity of your privacy. The privacy policy statement set out below outlines the types of information we will collect from you, why we collect this information, how it can and cannot be used by us. If you require more information you can contact our data protection officer Yvan Cohen by sending an email to

Personal details

When you initially access our site, we are happy to allow searching and browsing without joining or registering.

If you join as a subscriber (contributor accounts, including LaunchPad accounts) on the website, you will be asked to provide some basic personal information including your first and last name and your e-mail address. If you register using a third party platform like Facebook or Google, these providers will also retain your personal information over which LightRocket has no control.

Once registered on the website as a subscriber, depending on your membership type, you may have the option of providing more information including a short bio text, various types of contact details, your current location and travel plans.

Depending on the type of subscription account you have, some personal contact information and notes may also be displayed as part of the ‘Contributor Directory’ on the main LightRocket website. The choice to appear in the ‘Contributor Directory’ is entirely at your discretion (opt-in). Personal information displayed in the context of the contributor directory will be accessible to anyone with Internet access.

Other personal details including a short 'bio' text may be published on the relevant pages of your personal LightRocket website and on your Profile page. You understand that once published online this personal information will also be accessible to anyone with Internet access.

The email you enter when you register on or join the LightRocket service will be your Username for accessing your account.

By default, when registering an account on LightRocket, new account holders will be asked for prior agreement (opt-in) before we send LightRocket's occasional newsletters. LightRocket reserves the right, however, to send email alerts, and communications via other media as may be appropriate, about essential service announcements and updates.

Emails from LightRocket will include an option to unsubscribe unless the email is about an essential service announcement and/or updates.

Protecting your personal information

You understand that LightRocket may need to store some personal information for billing purposes, for responding to enquiries and for communicating relevant and appropriate information about our service. Certain personal information may also be used to analyse your preferences so we can better tailor our service to your needs.

LightRocket undertakes to implement reasonable measures to protect such information. LightRocket also undertakes not to sell, rent or distribute your personal information to any other service, third party, organisation or individual be they commercial or otherwise.

When you create a password, we automatically generate an encrypted code that is not readable by LightRocket or its administrators and can only be unlocked using your personal password.

All personal information relating to transactions online, such as credit card numbers and expiry dates are protected by worldwide industry standard SSL (secure socket layer) encryption technology. These encryption methods are the same as those used by banks or financial institutions to protect their transactions. Such financial information as is needed for payment of subscriptions or other fees to LightRocket is held and managed by third party financial service providers. These companies, Chargebee and Stripe, are certified as PCI compliant, thereby meeting the industry standard when it comes to secure transactions online.

We will only keep your personal information for as long as it remains relevant or as otherwise required by law. We will disclose information when required to do so by law or where reasonably necessary to protect our rights or a third party's rights, for example, in response to a court order, a subpoena, a request by a law enforcement agency or to respond to claims that any content violates the right of third parties.


They're not as bad as they sometimes sound. Cookies are small text files that are uploaded by us onto the hard drive of your computer. They don't contain any personal information about the user but do enable our service to recognise you when you log on to record some of your preferences. In turn this enables us to provide the kinds of personalised services that will add value and convenience to your experience on our site.

Cookies will help us improve our service to you but if you consider them to be in inconvenience or to impinge upon your privacy you can very probably disable cookies through a menu option in your browser. If you do choose to do this, however, you may find that some of the site’s functions are impaired.

Logs and statistical data

Like many other services, LightRocket uses Google Analytics to review statistical information relating to the usage of the platform. As a matter of course, our system also logs actions performed on the LightRocket platform. This information (which includes IP addresses and other basic technical data such as browser and Operating System type) is stored for technical and security purposes only. LightRocket undertakes to implement all reasonable measures to protect such information and undertakes to not share this information with any third party.

Access to personal information

LightRocket undertakes to provide, upon request, personal data relating to a visitor and/or subscriber to its service. This include details of the information held about a visitor or subscriber, the origin of such information, the recipients (if any) of such data and the reasons for storing data. Note that personal information will only be provided to verified requestors. An applicant for personal information may be asked to authenticate their identity by providing copies of ID documents and, if they are already subscribers to or users of LightRocket, by communicating from the email they used to register on LightRocket. LightRocket’s Data Protection officer is Yvan Cohen who may be contacted at

Deleting your account and information

You may request that your account and any related information be deleted at any time. Drop a note to our Data Protection officer Yvan Cohen at Please note that we can only accept and implement account/information deletion requests from the same email address you used to register on LightRocket. We may also ask additional questions relating to your account in order to verify your identity. No refunds will be made for unused portions of subscription or storage fees.

Customer support and queries

If you have any queries, suggestions or complaints regarding how we are implementing our privacy policy please do not hesitate to let us know. Send an email to Yvan Cohen at

Changes to this policy

LightRocket reserves the right to change its privacy policy but will ensure that any changes in its policy will be immediately updated to its online Privacy Policy statement.





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