About Us

LightRocket is an expression of our passion for photography.

As the world moved from film to digital, we understood that alongside the beauty and ease of digital photography there were a whole lot of challenges too: building a slick portfolio website, promoting oneself online and managing an ever growing pile of hard drives.

For each of these challenges there was a specific solution – one service for building a website, another for backing up and storing files, another for managing your photos and a dizzying range of channels for promoting yourself online. It was confusing and expensive.

LightRocket is our answer to these problems: a single online platform where you can build a website in minutes, backup your files, organize your photos and promote yourself, all for an affordable fee.

Our goal is to put you, the creator, back in control. And why not make it fun and easy too.

As photographers, we know how competitive the world is which is why we are always improving, expanding, and developing our services.

Because we are a community-focused project, we’re eager to hear your thoughts and suggestions - really, never hesitate to be in touch.

We hope you enjoy using LightRocket!

Peter, Yvan and the rest of the LightRocket team.





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An all-in-one platform for managing your photos, creating beautiful websites, and safely storing your photos online.

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