The LightRocket collection on Getty Images

LightRocket is proud to be partnered with the world's leading provider of digital media, giving selected contributors a valuable professional channel for distributing their editorial work.

The LightRocket collection on Getty Images

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If you would like to be a part of the LightRocket collection on Getty Images you'll need to subcribe to a LightRocket Power plan. You'll need to be producing a regular flow of high quality and relevant editorial features and to have an existing archive on LightRocket of at least 500 images. And you'll need plenty of talent too.

Your application is unlikely to be successful if you don't have at least 500 images on LightRocket and your application is more likely to be successful if you have a well edited showcase (avoid repetition and show off what you do best in less than 50 images) and plenty of published galleries on LightRocket. Also if you are already submitting images to an agency that is uploading them to the Getty site, it is unlikely that your application will be approved.

Before applying, we recommend you do some searches on Getty and compare what you have to offer to the kind of work being uploaded to Getty by staff photographers, stringers, wires and other agencies. If you are photographing in places or subjects already well covered by Getty, your application is more likely to be declined.

We recommend that you read through our Getty Guidelines before applying.

Getty Guidelines PDF

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