20 Best Photography Blogs for Photographers in 2019

Yvan Cohen

Tue Sep 24 2019

20 Best Photography Blogs for Photographers in 2019

Looking for the best photography blogs in 2019?

Photography can be a lonely pursuit. Prowling for hours, camera over your shoulder in search of that award winning image, or trawling though thousands of pictures to edit, just to find that rare pictorial gem you want to share with the world.

As photographers, we all seek to learn, improve and be inspired, which means feeding on the knowledge, thoughts and advice of others. What better place to do that than on a blog or specialized website?

But where to start.

To make life easy, the LightRocket team has created a list of 20 (in no particular order) of the best photography blogs and websites around in 2019. Some are about gear, some are about theory, some are about art and some are about pure photojournalism. They are all great places to learn and to be inspired about photography.

Here goes our list of the best photography blogs, in no particular order…

1. Dpreview

Dpreview Dpreview

Dpreview is a great place to start. That is, if you need to feed your gear habit, fancy a bit of window shopping or just doing some serious research before deciding on a new piece of kit. The site features extremely comprehensive and well laid out equipment reviews. One feature we like is the ability to jump straight to the review’s conclusion, before deciding if you want to read the article in detail.

2. Lensculture

Lensculture Lensculture

Check out this beautifully designed, content-rich blog for some serious brain food and great artistic inspiration. The site puts the spotlight on a wide range of really fantastic photographic projects – all from established and up-and-coming talents around the world. There’s also industry news, interviews and book reviews. It’s a great site to visit for professional photographers who enjoy keeping their finger on the pulse of artistic trends and key industry events.

3. Invisible Photographer Asia

Invisible Photographer Asia Invisible Photographer Asia

OK, so it clearly has a regional slant but wherever you are, the Invisible Photographer Asia site is worth checking out. As this blog’s name suggests, the emphasis is on photojournalism – a photographic discipline where photographers are invariably keen on being as invisible as possible. This blog features a heady cocktail of personal projects, including photography and video, news of upcoming workshops and awards and exhibitions around the Asian region. A true photographer website.

4. Burn Magazine

Burn Magazine Burn Magazine

The brainchild of renowned National Geographic photographer David Alan Harvey, this edgy blog hums with avant-garde energy. The emphasis is on artistic projects that often challenge one’s ideas about photography and certainly help one see the world a little differently. Though there is nothing traditional about Burn Magazine it has the support of heavy weights like the Magnum Foundation. The blog also offers grants to emerging photographers and runs a mentorship program. A feature few other blogs share.

5. PDNOnline

PDNOnline PDNOnline

This mainstream US-based blog has long been a reference for professional photographers keeping up with key trends, industry news and emerging talent. The blog offers a somewhat conventional but very handy mix of gear reviews, photographer interviews and featured work. PDN is so mainstream it slips into the overtly commercial through a number of posts on contemporary products and trends. But, it is also a grand dame of the photo blog world and definitely worth visiting from time to time.

6. Petapixel

Petapixel Petapixel

This is a fun and informative blog that offers a blend of slightly sensationalist headlines, some eye opening opinion columns and a bunch of informative equipment reviews and commentary. The style is sparse and fresh looking which makes Petapixel an appealing place to hang out and dip into a wide range of photo-related stories. The site is definitely designed for our attention-span challenged age, as it offers eye catching illustrations and conversational articles that demand only a few minutes of your precious time. A staple for any list of top photography blogs.

7. Fstoppers

Fstoppers Fstoppers

If you can hack through the banner ads and the slightly jumbled layout, you’ll find Fstoppers to be an excellent resource. There’s a touch of Petapixel in the style which is snappy and conversational but there is plenty for biting into in terms of content. A long established pillar of the photography blog scene, Fstoppers is known for its insightful and slightly off beat gear reviews. But the site also offers interesting content detours that include articles about leading photographers and thought pieces about the state of the photography industry.

8. Shutterbug

Shutterbug Shutterbug

Looking for a serious line of equipment reviews and in-depth commentary? The Shutterbug could be the place for you. This mainstream site is positively bristling with sharp-eyed, detail orientated gear reviews that will keep you up to date to the minute on all the latest developments in the fast-moving world of digital photography. But if the site looks like it’s all about gear, drill down through the Shutterbug’s extensive menus and you’ll find photographer profiles, opinion pieces, business news and more. A word of warning, however, Shutterbug does look slightly dated so if you’re looking for a contemporary layout then this might not be the photographer website for you.

9. New York Times Lens Section

New York Times Lens Section New York Times Lens Section

Hungry for something a little more high brow? Bored of browsing through the endless gear reviews that take center stage on most photography blogs? The New York Times Lens section could be the photographer news website for you. It’s all about quality and meaningful content, not surprisingly, it’s also accompanied by some great writing and analysis. In sum, you get New York Times’ depth and style, but devoted entirely to photography and photojournalism. That’s a heady mix worth checking out, and one blog we’re proud to place on our list of top photography blogs.

10. Magnum Photos

Magnum Photos Magnum Photos

Fair enough, it’s not really a blog it’s actually a photo agency but it just happens to be one of the most famous photo agencies in the world. Magnum Photos is representing many photographers who have become icons of photojournalism, including such greats as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Alex Webb and David Seymour, to name but a few. If you’re looking for inspiration you could do a lot worse than browse the recently re-designed Magnum site. Check out some of the short videos which include pearls of advice from some of the world’s most successful photographers.

11. The British Journal of Photography (BJP)

The British Journal of Photography (BJP) The British Journal of Photography (BJP)

It may be called the British Journal of Photography but rest assured it’s not all about British photography – as interesting as that might be. You’ll find a fascinating smorgasbord of articles on the BJP site, including lots of features about ongoing exhibitions and plenty of articles delving into the work of the movers and shakers in the photographic world. Paired with an actual magazine, the BJP has a satisfyingly magazine-y feel. There’s plenty of cutting edge talent to be explored on this diverse and inspiring photography blog.

12. Photographic Museum of Humanity

Photographic Museum of Humanity Photographic Museum of Humanity

It’s not really a blog but it could be a great source of inspiration. This beautifully laid out site highlights a wide range of projects that are often conceptual in style, yet connected by an exploration of humanity in its various contexts and forms. Unsurprisingly, this is more of a gallery site than a blog, but we recommend it as a place to delve into other photographers’ work.

13. Ken Rockwell

Ken Rockwell Ken Rockwell

Now this is a seriously old school blog by a seriously opinionated and perhaps somewhat old school blogger. That being said, Ken Rockwell has become established as a revered reference when it comes to in depth, no-holds-barred gear reviews. The look of his site is distinctly pared down, so you’re not coming to Ken Rockwell for the design experience. But if you want a strong, well documented and respected opinion on a piece of gear you’re eyeing for purchase, this could be the place for you. Definitely a nuanced edition in our list of top photography blogs.

14. The Phoblographer

The Phoblographer The Phoblographer

The ingenuity of the name makes this established blog worth mentioning. But while the name may grab your attention, the contents are a little more pedestrian in nature. You’ll find a fairly standard mix of equipment reviews and technical tips. This being said the Phoblographer is one of the more established platforms. You’ll find some excellent tutorial posts as well as articles highlighting the work of some outstanding photographers.

15. 121 Clicks

121 Clicks 121 Clicks

A quirky name and yet a very classy blog to go with it. Appropriately, the first menu item in the header is ‘inspirations’ which has to be a good start if you’re actually looking for some. There’s the usual mix of ‘how-to’ articles and showcases but this site is particularly clean-cut because it thankfully avoids some of the most obviously click-bait orientated headlines. We’d particularly recommend 121Clicks as a place to check interesting photo projects from around the world. There’s a whole section devoted solely to Photo Stories which is well worth a browse.

16. The Wandering Lens

The Wandering Lens The Wandering Lens

As its title suggests this is a specialized blog focused on travel photography. It’s a great concept because it’s often when we’re on the road, surrounded by unfamiliar scenes, that photographers feel most inspired. The blog, which was created by Australian professional photographer Michele Burns, includes some helpful sections like location guides and photo tips as well as information about upcoming photo tours, which is probably where the site hopes to earn some revenue.

17. Photography Spark

Photography Spark Photography Spark

Sporting a stark and contemporary design, the Photography Spark blog hones in on providing helpful tips and advice on the business side of photography. You won’t find ground breaking art photography here. Instead, you’ll find a comprehensive archive of nuts and bolts articles about what kind of gear you might use for a particular assignment and even how you should interact with your clients. The focus is on the professional market, but even enthusiasts will find some very helpful tips on the Photography Spark blog.

18. Women in Photography

Women in Photography Women in Photography

It’s a niche play but given that women have for too long been relegated to the margins of a largely male dominated photographic world, this blog feels like a breath of fresh air. It’s also a chance for us to discover some of the world’s leading women photographers, a number of whom are featured on the site. The emphasis is clearly on fine art and conceptual photography but this is definitely a blog to browse and one that has earned it’s place in our top photography blogs.

19. Colossal

Colossal Colossal

Hipsters rise up, and visit this blog. The vibe is edgy and artsy with plenty to be inspired by. OK so ‘Colossal’ isn’t only dedicated to photography, but who cares when there is a dedicated photography section alongside art, design, craft and illustration? If you’re a photojournalist, you might want to give this one a miss, unless you’re using photography as a tool to create fine art, then this is the place for you.

20. Photo Workout

Photo Workout Photo Workout

This slightly breathless blog, crammed with posts and pictures seems to offer advice, reviews and tips on pretty much every aspect of photography, from gear to locations to who provides the best print-on-demand service for photo books. There’s even a useful section on which computer to use for photo editing, something we noticed hasn’t been featured anywhere else. If the homepage looks a touch too busy for your taste it is certainly a rich resource.

Written by Yvan Cohen | Yvan has been a photojournalist for over 30 years. He’s a co-founder of LightRocket and continues to shoot photo and video projects around South East Asia.

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