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By ticking the "Agree to Terms & Conditions" checkbox prior to downloading a file or files from the LightRocket website or from a contributor's personal LightRocket website, you are agreeing to be bound by any terms agreed upon between yourself (the "licensee") and the copyright owner (the "licensor").

Copyright, Captions, Information, Permissions and Releases

The Licensor who has made this file or these files available for download, is responsible for ensuring that they own copyright to the file(s) and that the captions and information associated with the file(s) are true and accurate and do not contravene any known laws. It is your responsibility to satisfy yourself that all necessary rights, consents and permissions as may be required for any particular use of the file(s) have been secured. You, the Licensee, are solely responsible for any third party liability resulting from the use of the files you download from the LightRocket website or the Licensor's personal LightRocket website.





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