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Your own personalised website
  • Upload to LightRocket today and instantly create a stylish, professional and easily customizable website.
  • Compile an address book of key contacts so you can promote your work to the people who matter - be they friends, family or clients.
  • Or go 'premium': publish your best Galleries / Portfolios on the main LightRocket sales platform and get listed in our Contributor Directory where editors can look you up for assignments and request alerts about travel itineraries or new work.


Store your archives online
  • Upload files to LightRocket and relax in the knowledge your work is securely stored, ready for you to access anytime, anywhere.
  • Make the most of LightRocket's privacy filters, giving you complete control over who can view and download your files.
  • Get started today with our default 20 GB hosting packages and then pay only for what you use by purchasing additional storage when you need it.
  • Enjoy the freedom of unlimited file sizes: it's your archive; you decide what goes in it.


Through the lightrocket archive
  • Take your passion to the next level by selling directly on LightRocket.
  • With LightRocket's 0% commission policy, you keep 100% of your revenues. Make just one sale and your subscription could be covered!
  • Our background as a professional photo agency means LightRocket is already a reference for thousands of top clients around the world.
  • If you fancy a shot at the big time apply for distribution via Getty Images - a unique LightRocket opportunity that could see your work on the world's leading platform for media sales.

Instant websites - easy customization

  • No costly designers - No costly developers - No hassle
    • From the moment you upload your first pictures you'll have a website to show the world: a personal searchable archive and an elegant online showcase for your best work.
  • Templates
    • Using LightRocket's simple tools you can choose from pre-designed templates. Add in a logo or branding and then tweak background colours and fonts to your heart's content.
  • Designs that keeps the focus on content
    • Our LightRocket template designs make simplicity a virtue. Why? Because we believe a website should be like a picture frame: it's there to show off your work without distracting the viewer.
    • Reflecting this approach, our templates are sleek and professional looking while retaining enough creative space for you to express your individual style.
  • Customisation options for techies
    • And if you do want to get fancy you can easily configure your LightRocket site to use your own URL. For the closet techies there are additional options to tinker with CSS code, plug in Google Analytics and integrate your site with WordPress.
  • Everything you need
    • Whatever design you choose, each LightRocket website comes with a search box for your archive, the ability to display galleries and portfolios, a bio page where you can wax lyrical about your achievements and a contact page where visitors can get in touch with you directly.

What more could you ask for?


  • Secure storage
    • Storing lots of digital files on hard disks and backing things up can be complicated and a little daunting.
    • How many back up copies should I keep? Where did I put that hard drive? What if my hard drive goes and dies on me?
    • With a LightRocket account backing up is simple and safe. Upload your files, sit back and relax.
    • Hi-res files are stored on Amazon's 'S3' service, which is about as secure as it gets. Amazon boasts 99.999999999% durability. Its multiple state-of-the-art data centers have become the gold standard for online storage.
  • Privacy controls
    • If backup gives you security, LightRocket's smart privacy controls will give you peace of mind. Our access and permissions filters give you the power to decide which parts of your archive should be public and which private.
  • Watermarks and right click protection
    • As everybody knows, the Internet has become a hunting ground for hordes of intellectual property pirates.
    • To keep your images and media files safe, the LightRocket system automatically embeds a watermark of your choice, and creation, into all large previews, making it hard for pirates to use your work without permission.
    • Since the LightRocket interface boasts such large and juicy thumbnails, we figured it would be good to protect those too. User's who right click on thumbnails in the LightRocket system will be saving a blank file.

Get out and Promote

If you're proud of your work don't hide in a corner. Get out there. Be visible. Promote and sell your work with LightRocket's easy-to-use service.

  • Join the LightRocket community
    • Join our fast-growing community of talented image-makers and put your creativity in the spotlight.
    • With LightRocket's built-in social media options you can be part of a community of like-minded visual people while continuing to share your latest and best work with your own established social networks.
  • Go viral
    • If going viral is totally your thing, LightRocket gives you the option to allow users to share your work to Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. But since we value privacy, the choice of just how far you go, and where you allow people to share to, remains entirely yours.


  • Make sales on LightRocket
    • If you're a professional or an inspired amateur, LightRocket gives you both the tools and the opportunity to bring your work to market and make sales.
    • Any member of LightRocket can publish work to our main archive, a visual resource that is continually promoted to thousands of established media buyers around the globe.
  • Your sales are for you - 0% commissions
    • At LightRocket we want to help you earn a living from your work, which is why we take 0% commission from sales generated through our system. Our job is to provide you with the tools to promote and sell.
  • Market and negotiate sales directly
    • Use LightRocket's contact management tools to build a database of clients to whom you can promote your work directly. And if a client wants to license an image, all you need to do is negotiate a fair price and authorise downloads.
    • All downloads are recorded so you will know when a client has accessed one of your files. Keep track of downloads on your 'Download Activity' page.
  • What about E-Commerce?
    • If you're wondering where our ecommerce functionality has got to, you might be surprised to learn that in a decade of licensing photographs to professional clients only a tiny minority whipped out a credit card when it came time to pay.
    • Most professional picture buyers simply don't buy directly online, they prefer instead to negotiate with the rights owner, to discuss a fee and to receive an invoice, which can then be passed on to an accounting department.
    • So while ecommerce features are on the horizon we haven't implemented them just yet because we reckon that while they look snazzy, they're likely to accumulate the digital equivalent of dust from underuse.
  • Go 'Pro' with a Premium Account
    • If you're deadly serious about making sales and furthering your career, a LightRocket 'Premium' account is for you.
    • Here are some of the perks:
      • PORTFOLIOS AND GALLERIES ON LIGHTROCKET: Publish portfolios and galleries to the main LightRocket site where it can be seen by editors and picture buyers from around the world.
      • CONTRIBUTOR DIRECTORY: Be listed in the LightRocket Contributor Directory, a valuable resource for editors and clients seeking talent for assignments.
      • LET THEM FOLLOW: List your travel plans and allow editors to 'follow' you with options to receive updates about your movements as well as links to your latest galleries and portfolios.

Getty Images

  • Your chance to join Getty Images
    • LightRocket is proud to be partnered with Getty Images, a leading provider of digital media worldwide.
    • If you're a premium member with an annual LightRocket subscription you are eligible to submit your work for review by Getty.
    • If Getty's editors like what they see - be patient the review process might take a few weeks - you will have the opportunity to place an edited selection of your work on the LightRocket Collection on Getty's site.
    • Put simply, being accepted as a Getty contributor means boosting your visibility and further increasing your chances of making a sale. All sales will be made directly to you from Getty.
    • The Getty program is only for professionals and very serious amateurs. Applicants should submit a portfolio and two of their best galleries for review. If you're accepted you'll need to sign a contract directly with Getty. Visit our Getty page to find out more.

Free Trial

  • Get a 30 Day Free Trial!
    • Join LightRocket now and get started right away. In just a few minutes you can upload your best shots, create and publish them into galleries and portfolios and activate your personalised website. You get FULL FUNCTIONALITY to play with.
    • Try LightRocket for a full 30 days. No need for a credit card or to remember when to cancel. We will warn you when your 30 days is about to expire. Should you want to remain a member of our LightRocket community, you can then decide whether you want a monthly, annual or premium subscription and sign up using your credit card.
  • Only pay for the storage you need!
    • Why pay for more storage than you require? Your LightRocket account comes with 20 gigabytes of storage. If you reach the limit we will warn you and you can simply purchase more storage in 20 gigabyte chunks.